Performance Tuning and Fabrication

We now offer software solutions for both the performance and standard vehicles

We also do custom fabrication work consisting of the following: Exhaust sytems, downpipes, boostpipes, intakes, custom intercoolers and many more.

Custom ECU and TCU software upgrade

ECU (Engine Control Unit) software solutions offered by FTFSA is where we remap the ECU/TCU to alter the software thereby increasing performance gains and altering fuel consumption. ECU upgrades caters for both the performance enthusiast as well as the daily driver.


We specialize in the manufacturing of custom downpipes suited for your vehicle. All downpipes are constructed using 304 Stainless steel. This option is specifically for Turbo vehicles where the catalytic converter is removed to enhance airflow and turbo spool.

Custom Exhaust systems

Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel 304 exhaust systems suited to the customers requirements. Custom Exhaust  systems can allow you to use exhaust pipes with larger diameters than the stock ones. This can improve  the flow of exhaust gases even more for increased engine performance.

Custom intercoolers and intakes

Intercoolers and intakes designed and fabricated according to the customer requirements. Intakes manufactured out of Stainless Steel 304. Intakes installed to improve engine power and efficiency.  Intercoolers are installed to improve fuel consumption whilst also improving engine power and eficiency.

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