Stainless Steel Hose


Range of stainless steel hose sizes

We are able to supply the stainless steel hoses in various sizes ranging from 1/4″ all the way to 8″ in diameter. We are able to offer single braid hose assemblies or even double braided hose assemblies based on the pressure rating required, please see the spec sheet provided below for the relevant pressure ratings for the sizes mentioned in both single and double braid..

Multiple types of end fittings

We offer a wide variety of hose end fittings from male/female fittings in Mild steel or stainless steel with the different thread types available in the market, any type of flange whether standard drilling spec or custom made to any type of industrial connectors IE camlocks, claw couplings, unions, victaulic ends, barrel nipples etc.


Hose pressure and temperature

One of the main factors in considering the stainless steel braided flex hose is when your application requires a hose that can handle high temperature ranges and high pressure ranges. The stainless steel hose temperature range is -200°C to +700°C with pressure ranging from 170 Bar on the 1/4″ to 8 Bar on the 8″ for the single braid and 305 Bar on the 1/4″ to 12 Bar on 8″ double braided hose. (see below spec sheet for other size pressure ratings)


Applications where the stainless steel hose is best suited:

Chemical | Nuclear Plants | Pneumatic | Refineries | Shipping | Transport | Aircraft | Food & Beverage | Steel Plants | Oil & Gas Plants | Sugar | Pulp & Paper


Single braided stainless steel hose specs

Double braided stainless steel hose specs

Temperature correction factor explained

In the image above when considering the stainless steel hose for an application where heat is a deciding factor one has to consider the correction factor that needs to be implemented to the the hose pressure rating to provide a new pressure rating at the temperature the hose will be working.
The formulae for the calculation is New Pressure = Original pressure x correction factor
We will use the 1/4" single Braid hose as an example to show the implementation @ a temperature range of 400°C
Hose pressure = 170 Bar
Temperature = 400°C
Correction factor @ 400°C = 0.56
Calculation - 170 x 0.56 = 95.2
Thus at a temperature of 400°C the 1/4" hose can handle 95.2 Bar pressure.

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