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A Reputation 15 Years in the Making

We're more than just fittings!


At FTF, It all began with high-performance aluminium fittings, but it doesn’t end there. We’re much more than that!

We are based in Vereeniging and are dedicated to offering our fellow petrolheads a comprehensive range of high-end products.


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Unique Services

We hosts a variety of products and unique services directed at the racing and performance aftermarket. Whether it’s a high-end professional racing team, a budget-conscious day-to-day builder, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.



We specialise in the supply of high-performance aluminium fittings and hose to the performance aftermarket. Our products can be applied to various markets such as cross country, drifting, aviation, and the drag scene in South Africa.


Core Values
  • Teamwork through Trust and Respect.
  • Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm.
  • Accountability at all Levels.
  • Passion for Winning.

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about Plumbing

Your plumbing needs sorted!

Our high-performance plumbing components consist of fittings, adaptors, plugs, caps, T-pieces, Y-adapters, and high-strength hose.

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Performance Plumbing

If you need to design a fuel system and equip your tuned vehicle with all the plumbing it needs to get a copious amount of juice, we’re the right people to talk to.

Fuel Needs

Speaking of fuel, our components are designed to withstand the rigorous of more exotic fuel mixes like ethanol and methanol which makes them ideal for drag racing.

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Deck your engine bay out in FTF and you will definitely grab the attention you’ve been looking for.

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Get an exclusive look at what we have to offer. Whether it's fabrication or vapour blasting, see where and how we do things.

We take pride in delivering only the highest quality services that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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We hosts a variety of products and unique services

Furthermore, we serve individuals who restore classic cars as well as the everyday DIY customer.

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We offer ECU & amp; TCU software upgrades complimented by custom stainless steel manufacturing specializing in downpipes & amp; performance exhausts.

For the purist and the classic car enthusiast, we can make your restoration stand out for the right reasons by letting us clean all your aluminium parts with a method called vapour blasting. Vapour blasting is a non-aggressive surfacing process that provides a high-quality finish even on delicate surfaces.

Vapor blasting can remove dirt, contaminants, rust, and corrosion while gently cleaning the surface. At FTF we are solution-driven and because the performance market sometimes presents unique challenges and obstacles, we introduced a 3D scanning facility. Coupled with our plasma cutting service this allows us to deliver products up to spec at an improved lead time. We can now test and clean fuel injectors.

With our advanced electromechanical integrated product which combines ultrasonic cleaning technology with microprocessor hydraulic control cleaning detection technology. It can clean and inspect the fuel injectors of your car.

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We hosts a variety of products and unique services

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