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Address Shop 2B, The Rink Industrial Complex, Edelweiss Street , Duncanville, Vereeniging, South Africa
Contact Phone 078 653 2262
E-mail Address sales@ftfsa.com
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 16:30 PM, Sat-Sun Closed


Our in-house all-wheel Dyno Facility is notorious for giving no free KW’s. Let’s work together to improve your vehicles performance

Here’s what you can expect from our Dyno:

  • 4 x 4 Loaded Dyno​
  • Linked Dual Rollers​
  • Extended Wheelbase​
  • Adjustable Wheelbase up to 5 meters​
  • Weather Station for Power Compensation in Atmospheric Condition​

Come experience our in-house all-wheel Dyno Facility!

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The success of recent Dyno Days garnering widespread popularity among our valued customers.

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