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Custom Tuning

At FTF we provide OEM ECU upgrades and Aftermarket ECU upgrades.

OEM ECU Upgrades

ECU (Engine Control Unit) software solutions offered by FTFSA is where we remap the ECU/TCU to alter the software thereby increasing performance gains and altering fuel consumption.

ECU upgrades caters for both the performance enthusiast as well as the daily driver.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

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Aftermarket ECU Upgrades

FTF is an official supplier and installer for SUSTECH Performance Ecu’s and performance products.

A well-rounded set of features makes this ECU an excellent choice for street driven vehicles and street/strip race cars alike.

Installation and Tune: R9500

Ecu + Wiring harness: R5500

Module: R750

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What is the hype about?

Main Features

Full Sequential 4 Cylinder or Semi-Sequential up to 8 Cylinder

Multiple General Purpose Outputs (GPO) with user selectable functions

Dual Fuel Maps & Radiator Fan Control

Supports most popular trigger wheels (Software Selectable)

Multiple General Purpose Inputs (GPI) with user selectable functions

AFR Lambda Input with Instant Short Term Fuel Compensation fuel economy

3 Stage Boost Control with multiple boost limiters

Coil on Plug 4 Cylinder or Wasted Spark up to 8 Cylinder

Supports Hall and Magnetic Sensors (Software Selectable)