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Designed, tested, manufactured, and assembled in the UK.


The Ramair range we stock will improve airflow, induction sound, and of course Power!

Keep in mind that you might have to change your stock intake.

Currently we stock 2 types of performance cone filters: Proram & Ramair Foam Filters

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We get asked this question quite a lot: "What is the difference between Proram and Ramair foam filters?"

Main Differences

The main difference is the filter elements. Ramair filters have a twin layer foam, and the Proram is a synthetic nano fibre which is pleated.

Both do an excellent job in filtrating the air, giving you increased throttle response, clean smooth airflow, and most of all that intake sound we all dream of!

Also available in our Ramair range is the 16mm Breather filter. It comes with a clip for attachment and its Flexible structure allows for tight spaces.